Find your peace in Granite |

Find your peace in Granite

Allison Finn had an interesting commentary in The Aspen Times on April 12 (“Pitkin County should create permit system for off-road riders,” guest opinion). I feel sorry for her family that they have to endure this hardship.

Unfortunately, Colorado has suffered from the hands of developers and the hordes of people they bring here from other places. Everyone wants a piece of the wilderness and then wants to shut the door. Back before you ever knew Marble existed, in the 1960s, it was a quiet place most of the time, except in summers when those escaping the heat of the South came up to their Marble homestead.

The Denver Jeep club plied Schofield with 100 Jeeps and an old Marble resident made it his job to keep Schofield Pass on this side smooth with his 1946 Caterpillar D-3. The smoothness kept a lot of dust down as the Jeeps didn’t have to spin their tires. Then came the ATV/OHVs. They are obnoxious, but like everyone else, they have a right to be there.

If these vehicles irritate you, perhaps you should move to Granite, Colorado, where nobody lives and you can have your dream home with no pesky ATVs to bother you.

And the new barbecue place brings a lot of the same people that offend you. You wouldn’t have one of those in Granite, either.

Jim Wingers