Find that ballot and vote for DeGolia

Local actions matter greatly in our fight against climate change. You have an opportunity to act right now. The Holy Cross Energy board election is happening this month, and my husband, Alex DeGolia, is running to represent the Western District.

We moved to my hometown of Carbondale in 2017. Alex wasted no time in investing in our community. He works for the Carbondale-based Catena Foundation and focuses on clean energy and climate strategy. He volunteers as a tutor for English in Action in El Jebel and serves on the board of the Thompson Divide Coalition. We welcomed our son Wallace in February. Having a child has further motivated us to ensure we are taking action to address the major environmental challenges we face, climate change chief among them.

I know firsthand that Alex is hardworking, sharp, and reliable. He holds a doctorate in environmental management and served in the White House as a natural resources staffer. As a Holy Cross board member, he will pursue practical and creative solutions to advance clean energy while protecting customers.

Your ballot should have arrived in the mail. Don’t let it get buried in the stack on your counter. Dig it out, and cast a vote for Alex.

Tarn Udall