Farm Bill is convoluted |

Farm Bill is convoluted

Rep. Scott Tipton’s recent release regarding the farm bill is convoluted, confusing, and ultimately cold-hearted. Time and time again, Tipton has supported legislation that benefits only the wealthiest in our society. One needs only look at his vote for the Trump Tax Plan, a $1.5 trillion giveaway to large corporations and billionaires, to see who he supports in our society. His vote for the tax plan will balloon our national debt and the way he plans to pay for it is beginning to come into focus — on the backs of the most disadvantaged in our society.

While Tipton argues that the new farm bill would “set Americans up for success,” it instead would increase bureaucratic red tape that the recipients would have to cross to receive vital assistance, like SNAP. Tipton seems to believe that families that have fallen on hard times have it too easy, and are struggling because our government doesn’t attach enough strings to the assistance that they offer. The new farm bill’s more stringent work requirements to receive nutritional assistance is a symptom of this callous mindset.

Over 11 percent of the households in the 3rd Congressional District participate in SNAP; thousands of children, veteran, and working adults rely on this program to put food on the table. These folks need a representative in Washington that will advocate for programs that will help lift them out of poverty — like investments in education, infrastructure, and a public health care option. That’s clearly not Scott Tipton. Fortunately, there is a candidate running for the 3rd Congressional District that’s up to the challenge: Democrat Karl Hanlon. He looks at those below the poverty line with compassion, not contempt. I hope you’ll join me in supporting him in the Democratic Primary on June 26.

Sean Gallik