‘Farewell, Bob Braudis’

The Sheriff has left town

Makin’ a long trip — one way

Heaven ain’t ready

But Hell said no way

Bathed in our tears

Dressed in our memories

Celebrated in our stories

He arrived above to applause

We’ll never forget his rough-hewn face

Weathered by excess

Hardened by life

Softened by a grand, gap-toothed grin

We’ll never forget his deep, omniscient eyes

They could squint into your soul

Assay your character with a glance

Freeze you in place with a stare

We’ll never forget his voice

A harmony of South Boston and Colorado cowpoke

Buoyant with laughter and love

Calm but always in command

Oh, he was a grizzly of a man

Six-five with shoulders broad enough to carry Truth

The hands of a pipe fitter

The touch of a butterfly

Oh, what a soul

Caring as an old friend

Sensitive as a poet

Loyal as light is to the sun

Oh, what a story

A gang leader in his youth

Unafraid of the law

Terrified of his mother’s wrath

Oh, what a journey

From kid crook to county commissioner

From ski bum to sheriff

From anonymity to fame

Farewell, beloved friend

Shake things up in Heaven

Say hi to Hunter

Save a seat at the bar

Greg Lewis

Snowmass Village