Failing Vaccination 101 |

Failing Vaccination 101

Chase McWhorter has come back, just as students would come to my office to seek changes in grades on their papers or exams. Most failed in their efforts. McWhorter has as well (“Low probabilities guide major decisions,” Aug. 14, The Aspen Times.)

McWhorter focuses on the mortality rate. In doing so he seems to suggest we let grandma die because she is old. That is a moral issue I refuse to touch.

What is troubling about his view is the pressure on health care workers. The headlines tell the story.

There are no pediatric ICU beds left in Dallas due to COVID.

Dozens of Texas hospitals are out of ICU beds.

Louisiana hospitals at ‘breaking point’ with COVID-19 surge.

Officials: Tidal wave of virus cases hits Alabama hospitals.

The point McWhorter misses is that the COVID-19 delta virus is putting an enormous — and needless — strain on our enormous hospital system.

David Frum, a former Republican speechwriter, wrote “the unvaccinated person himself or herself has decided to inflict a preventable and unjustifiable harm upon family, friends, neighbors, community, country and planet.” He is correct.

In World War II, the United States built camps for the Japanese. Today, we think it was wrong. I would have no problem sending the unvaccinated to a camp where they can stay until the virus passes — or they get vaccinated.

Philip Verleger


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