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Extinction looms for GOP

The Republican Party not only opposes Democrats; they stand against democracy. Their latest assault on government of and by the people is recalls. Gov. Polis, two Democratic state senators, and two Democratic state representatives are facing recall elections, not for malfeasance or incompetence, but for being on a different side on the issues. This shouldn’t be allowed.

Recalls, along with the electoral college, gerrymandering and voter suppression, have been added to the GOP toolkit on how to overrule the verdict of the people. I seem to recall Trumpsters accusing Clinton supporters of being sore losers after the 2016 election. A recall is the last resort of a sore loser.

The Republicans’ problem is they’re in the minority on all the major issues. Seventy percent believe climate change is real and human caused. Eighty-one percent feel undocumented immigrants should be provided a path to citizenship. Sixty-eight percent, including 60% of NRA members, are in favor of good-sense gun control.

The coming generation is decidedly left, even socialist, leaning. Using the above techniques, the GOP is desperately trying to stave off extinction.

Fred Malo Jr.