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Explaining what Trump voter supports

In response to Karen Kurtz’s letter on Oct. 15 (“A vote for Trump is a vote for American rights, freedom,” aspentimes.com), you say you’re “not voting for Donald Trump,” but I implore you to do some more research on the issues you claim to be voting for:

You’re voting for your 401(k) and the stock market, despite the fact that even Goldman Sachs has forecasted that a Joe Biden win and a blue wave would produce a firmer global growth outlook and an extra 7.4 million jobs created compared to a Trump win? You’re voting for law and order by throwing your support behind a man who’s committed fraud, ignored the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, doesn’t pay his taxes and has been credibly accused by 26 women of sexual assault? You’re voting for peace progress in the Middle East by supporting an administration that abandoned our Kurdish allies in the region? You’re voting for the military and veterans by supporting a man who has continually insulted our service members and took no action when Russia placed bounties on the heads of American troops in Afghanistan? You’re voting for freedom of religion by supporting an administration that has done nothing to stop the persecution of Uyghurs in China? You’re voting for policies you’d like to think Trump is running on, when in reality he has not produced a platform for his second term and his website doesn’t even have a policy section!

Not to put too fine a point on it, but you are in fact casting a vote for Trump.

I’m voting for Biden with an understanding of what I’m actually voting for — including many of the things you listed: the Constitution, the economy, the military and thoughtful foreign policy. I’m voting for someone who is experienced, thoughtful and understands how the U.S. government works. I’m voting for an administration that values truth and science. I’m voting for American leadership in the world. I’m voting for a less toxic political climate. I’m voting for empathy. And I too am voting for the First Amendment, which includes your right to continue to write letters to the editor.

Austin Owen