Excuses over service

I must recount my experience with Basalt Bike and Ski (“Leading the peleton valley’s cycling world,” Feb. 12, 2017, The Aspen Times).

Last year I had a new pair of skis mounted by their store in Willits. I signed a lot of papers stating the number my bindings were to be set at. I then went up to Jackson Hole, skiing with my Powder 8 partner Flint Smith, on Tower 3 Chute, a steep run. One binding released, sending me on a death slide, which I survived, but my collarbone fractured from the impact.

I then found my bindings were set at 4. In other words, they had not set the bindings for my specs, which was 8 1/2.

Now, I am an experienced skier, an ex-patroller, with 48 years in the valley. (OK, I should have checked the settings, yeah, I know) However, when Joel Mischke returned my call, he gave me only a weak and unapologetic excuse. Never even offered a refund.

“Service, service, service,” he says in the glowing article about him.

Erik Peltonen


Letter to the Editor