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Examining the new roundabout

Now that I have had the chance to drive through the roundabout many times, mainly since I am an Uber/Lyft driver, I can see the intent, but there are still issues I believe need tweaking mainly because there is so much going on. I’m hoping any signage is minimal, simplified and clear, matching the surface painting. There are already too many signs.

First I’d like to compliment the workers and the workmanship. Great job!  I also do not see any issues related to heading downvalley from Aspen or Castle Creek into the roundabout.

Second, the directional surface painting. I believe there should be additional indications on both lanes on the surface going into the roundabout towards Aspen. Double them up.

Give drivers more clarity that the left lane is going into Aspen with a slight curve to the left. Buses are exempt.

At this time, the right lane indicates a sharp turn to the right is meant to go onto Maroon Creek Road; however, it also indicates a straight line which is, in my strong opinion, confusing and easily misconstrued as going straight into Aspen. It should be altered to indicate a slight curve to the right as that lane is also for Castle Creek Road.

Third, surface painting Maroon Creek Road into the roundabout should also be altered. Currently, the left lane indicates that it is for going into Aspen and downvalley. The right lane is only for Castle Creek Road. This is frequently and usually ignored by drivers. It does not, in my opinion, make sense to try to force 90% of vehicles into the single, left lane. 

During busy times, traffic will get backed up possibly, as in the past, all the way to Aspen Highlands. The right lane should be for both Castle Creek and Aspen. The left lane stop line should also be set back about 5 feet so as those in the right lane have a better view of incoming vehicles.  I can see, however, that the reason this is configured this way is perhaps so that emergency vehicles can get to the hospital from Maroon Creek more quickly. 

It’s a shame that this issue was not addressed during the design process.  I’m thinking an emergency-vehicles-only lane should be added.

Don Kinney

Woody Creek

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