Evicting employees not the answer for Aspen Skiing Co.

Kudos to Michael Depamphilis for speaking up on behalf of the “imprisoned” lifties who are the lifeblood of our ski fields! (“Aspen Skico workers getting unfair shake,” Jan. 23, letters, The Aspen Times).

Being threatened with eviction, especially now that they’ve likely reached “herd immunity” in their community, is not only counter-productive but illogical. What they should be doing is isolating them when sick, facilitating testing, monitoring symptoms and ensuring they have medical supervision, supplies and open communication during all phases of exposure.

My son is a liftie who was sent “home” to isolate when exposed — sent home to the employee housing he shares with that infected kid! Four days later my son tested positive. He caught his virus inside the home; he is now told he could lose if he leaves! There was no assistance offered to these 19-year-old kids.

Luckily, I could get a test and a thermometer and deliver both with essential supplies as my son was doing as instructed: “Go home and do not leave.” Go home to your infected roommate to be sure you catch it too. And don’t leave that sanctuary or you’ll be evicted! Really?

The Commons is their household. They should be able to enjoy their communal home safely without fear of eviction. There’s enough fear of this raging pandemic. This is not the answer, Aspen Skiing Co. I agree with Michael: Shame on you if you evict any of them. Help them protect themselves in a productive, preventive and empowering way.

You owe these loyal, hardworking, active kids a duty of care, not eviction!

Manuela Rathey



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