Everyone needs to vote

Please vote and encourage your friends to, as well. We should have more participation in Aspen than we do. It seems that many people are so fed up with politics that they are turned off from even voting, I can understand that. But, even if you just vote for the candidates or issues you can believe in and leave the rest blank, please vote.

Vote “yes” for Ballot Question 1A. The Healthy Community Fund is a benefit to us all. It has been due for this small increase for a while now. Support your community, vote “yes” for 1A.

Would moving the election date facilitate greater voter turnout? I’m not sure that a move to March will make that much of a difference, but I’m willing to try. I still think November municipal elections make the most sense, and voter turnout data seems to support that view.

And now for the real let-down on this ballot, Aspen city question 2D. This question for your preference of two bad options is ridiculous. The vote on this issue will not show what people actually want. I have to vote for option B. There’s no way the city should buy overpriced commercial core property. Council and the city should amend the plans at Rio Grande; lowering the height, taking out the 5,000 square feet of unprogrammed space and redeveloping the existing Rio Grande office spaces. The mistakes on this issue started years ago, but you cannot use this vote to support the bad decisions that have been made.

The choices we have to make sometimes can be difficult or disappointing, but at least we get a bit of a voice. Use it and vote.