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Everyone in Colorado should support CORE Act

Please call, write or email your representatives in support of Colorado’s CORE act. This act is wholly written by and for the citizens of Colorado. We have joined together to put forth our own legislation for protection of our wilderness.

This is not a partisan publicity stunt or paid for by lobbyists. It is a handcrafted request from the citizens of this state and should be upheld as written. Any politician from Colorado who opposes this bill is not representing their constitutes and is pandering to donors and corporate interests.

This is a very well-thought-out act. Everything it contains is the result of years of bipartisan work from several different conservation views. We have support of environmentalists, farmers, hunters, fishers, veterans and nature lovers of all sorts who value each area and have worked diligently to craft this act.

Each of us putting our differences aside to join together for the good of our shared interests in the benefit in protection of these areas. Please help us keep our wilderness wild for every generation to enjoy.

This is very important to us as a community. It’s a wonderful example as to how people who are on both sides of the aisle can put down our differences and do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing. America needs more of this.

Please help to bring our efforts to fruition, mostly as a way to strengthen our communities with a bipartisan victory as a way to heal from this great divide we are suffering from. Thank you for your time and consideration of this most important issue.

Megan Jewell