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Enough Stalin around, Aspen council

Because Aspen’s Communist City Council (redundant) resents folks who can buy it, they banned valet parking at Ajax (Communists ban what they resent instead of working harder to afford it themselves). The Commies have the right idea, but they don’t go far enough.

Valet parking at Ajax should be available, but only to “locals” who 1. work full-time (1,500 annual hours) in Pitkin County, 2. live in Pitkin County at least nine months a year, and 3. have no other valet parking privilege in the “valet parking exclusion zone.” Individuals with income under $36,200 and assets under $138,000 may valet park a motor scooter. Those with incomes of $173,500 and assets of $925,000 may valet park a Range Rover HSE. Intermediate categories should be established for Priuses, Wranglers and Subarus, based on income and assets.

Come on, Commie Council. Don’t do a half-fast job when you can realize your authoritarian dreams.

Maurice Emmer