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Enough of the wolf rhetoric

I am one of many western Coloradans embracing any efforts to reclaim our wildlands and the native biodiversity that supports healthy ecosystems, thus I am howling yes for wolves.

Let’s stop the unfounded nonsensical rhetoric and focus on the science. Deliberate wolf reintroduction in the Northern Rockies has provided the opportunity for applied study and resultant empirical evidence that puts Mr. Keith’s exaggerated claims to rest (“Howl no to wolves in Colorado, letters, Jan. 28 The Aspen Times).

According to CPW, upon reintroduction and based on what has occurred in Montana, we can expect wolves to annually consume on average 2% of the Colorado elk and deer population. It is important to consider hunters’ annual take in order to put wolf survival consumption into perspective. Based on CPW estimates, Colorado hunters’ annual take translates into approximately 9 percent of our deer and elk. While wolves are selectively targeting the weak and diseased, effectively reducing and or stopping the Chronic Wasting Disease to which Mr. Keith refers, hunters are targeting the strongest and healthiest of specimens. Lastly, wilderness and wolves are not new neighbors. Quite the contrary.

Edie Engstrom