Enough of the cursing in Aspen columns

I welcomed Ms. Samantha Johnson’s piece on her role as publisher of The Aspen Times (“Who’s on first? Defining our roles in the newsrooms,” April 19). Agree totally that good publishers let good editors edit and do not interfere in news content opinion articles or letters to the editor.

The Times, of course, does not allow any racial or ethnic slurs or libelous and obscene discussions in bad taste. Why then, does the Times allow its columnists to use “f” words, “p” words, “s” words, “a.s.” words, etc. in their articles without some form of editing or even deleting.

I know, I know — opinion columnists are entitled to their opinions and that cultural society and language have evolved. Lord knows Aspen and Pitkin County are leaders in the movement. But taking vulgarities out of op-eds from columnists writing about the (expletive, expletive) S Curves and the (expletive, expletive, expletive) airport runway extension or that (expletive) Donald Trump is not censorship. It is good taste.

Tom Korologos