Enough is enough on Ajax

First, kudos to Mike Kaplan and Aspen Skiing Co.’s mountain-maintenance teams for the extraordinary job they have done with such limited snow this season. For those of us who remember the 1976-77 no snow year, this is hauntingly similar!

That being said, the time if far past due when Skico should be strongly enforcing speed limits, particularly in the concentrated skiing areas caused by limited terrain this year. I know of four expert skiers (one the other day) who have been seriously injured this season by high-speed locals who were skiing or boarding well beyond reasonable limits on Ajax.

This has got to stop.

As a former ski coach, I appreciate that multiple levels of proficiency can create challenges. Even last Tuesday while I was descending Ruthies at a good clip, two boarders straight-lined by me at twice my speed. This is insanity and puts both the general skier and Skico at continued risk.

Regardless of Colorado’s skier risk liability waiver, Skico’s close-to-blind-eye and the many multiples of these incidents make them liable should one of the victims decide to file a lawsuit. More importantly, why allow this to occur in the first place? Bad for business, bad for Aspen’s reputation and dangerous to the general skier.

In today’s world of cellphones, simple signs at the top and bottom of each lift which provide a phone number to report miscreants would allow lift operators and patrollers to pull passes on the spot. Just a few of these pass rescissions would greatly reduce the incidents as the word spread that Skico was stopping the high speed straight-lining. Other ski areas do this with great success.

Enforce. Win, win, and a much better reputation for the Aspen Skiing Company, Aspen, and the skiing public.

Time to act.

Mac Cunningham