Commissioner gives her endorsements for Nov. 6 |

Commissioner gives her endorsements for Nov. 6

Friends have asked, so here are my Nov. 6 endorsement:

Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress: A leader who will execute the Congressional responsibilities for oversight and accountability, protect our public lands, Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, and improve our health care system.

No on Prop. 74: The oil and gas “takings” initiative that will cost taxpayers billions in “diminished value” lawsuits over any governmental action; whether approving an intersection or changing height limits.

No on Prop. 109: New debt without a new repayment source, leaving out transit, and city and county roads which make up 85 percent of Colorado’s roads.

Yes on 110: The bipartisan plan to bring new resources to repairing and maintaining all of Colorado’s failing roads.

Yes on Question 1A to reauthorize the Healthy Community Fund (see Helping

Yes to the Aspen Fire 6A and Roaring Fork Transportation 7A: Investing in the safety and future needs of our community.

Yes for Colorado Mountain College and the districts seeking Gallagher relief: Requesting to keep the same dollars they currently receive instead of deep cuts based statewide residential growth averages.

I endorse Patti Clapper for county commissioner. She cares deeply for our citizens, is considerate and thoughtful while wading through difficult issues, asks tough questions and is respectful and welcoming to all. She is an asset to the board and deserves your vote.

Locally, Mick Ireland has worked diligently for our community, protecting open space and the environment, supporting community nonprofits, affordable housing, our youth and seniors. No one will work harder as assessor. He will assure fair treatment of the property valuations that our schools, special districts (library, fire, hospital) and local governments depend upon. This is an apolitical post that requires hard work and management of the office’s budge. I trust the skill, education and dedication that Ireland will bring to the Assessor’s Office.

Rachel Richards