Endlsey a man of the Aspen people

I am endorsing Casey Endsley for Aspen City Council as I find him to be equitable, of sound judgment, committed and focused on his personal and community goals.

Casey recognizes the need for our children to be socialized during this pandemic with his dedication as a hockey coach. He also has spoken up for the service industry workforce.

Casey would be the peoples’ representation. He has leadership qualities that would promote a stronger voice for local interests and faces challenges with an educated and objective stance.

I strongly support his advocacy for greater access to mental health resources in our community. Having elected officials looking to make progress in outreach and connection, reducing the stigma to mental health for all, and finding solutions is action oriented. His personal interest as a military veteran could help connect members of our community that are struggling as a high risk population completing suicide. As a professional counselor in our community, I recognize the importance of this platform of his campaign.

Without advocacy and awareness, we will continue to wait until crisis stage to address mental health issues in our community. With Casey, he seeks to join this community together, having a collective perspective and speaks as a voice for people. Elected officials know that supporting mental health and protecting access to care is critically important, with Casey elected we can trust he will work for the people by standing alongside the people.

April Brooks