Emmer owes an explanation

Intensive care rooms in hospitals in Arizona, Florida and Texas are past full capacity. Deaths are rising. Worse, health workers are now suffering, sometimes from the virus but more often now from the psychological pressures linked to treating patients suffering from the virus.

The Denver Channel reported on a program developed by Denver Health called Resilience in Stressful Events to help employees deal with the stress. At the start, prior to the onset of the pandemic, the program saw 30 employees a day. Most recently, 300 employees a day were visiting the center.

Medical professionals are burning out. Some are even committing suicide as The New York Times reported Sunday.

Yet Maurice Emmer, a frequent letter writer, claims “COVID-19 would have no greater impact than a particularly nasty flu if “experts didn’t panic” (“Time to fight back against virus ‘crisis,” July 12, The Aspen Times) As of today (July 13) 135,425 Americans have died from the disease. Americans are barred from traveling to most countries.

Maurice, you owe the people putting their lives on the line, risking their metal health and working night and day to keep you alive an expiation. What should have been done?

Maurice, put up or shut up. This pandemic threatens the lives of millions.

Philip Verleger