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Emmer of the same ilk as Hannity, etc.

This letter is in response to Maurice Emmer’s latest installment of “Opinions of an entitled right-wing reactionary Republican” in the Nov. 23 Aspen Times.

Dear Mr. Emmer,

Frequently I have a habit of switching over in my TV viewing to Fox News to gain some perspective as to exactly what planet Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham are living on. On days when your letters appear in the local press, I skip doing this as you are obviously reporting from the same planet.

I have found it interesting that during the height of the BLM demonstrations where thousands of Americans were exercising their constitutional right to assemble and voice their opinions, the above mentioned Fox newsies were loudly calling these folks un-American , unpatriotic and even anti-American. It was a common thread emanating from your planet. Now when the very essence of American democracy is genuinely under threat from a true attempt at an authoritarian coup, those words are never referenced. Why is that?

And I think you got the numbers wrong. The 80 million voters you reference in your letter voted the orange-haired authoritarian out of office, taking his “crap” and his swamp with him. Would you kindly ask him to go?

Don Bird