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Emmer needs an education

This is in reply to Maurice Emmer’s letter (“The left is damaging legal systems for a political win”) in the the Sunday. Sept. 30, Aspen Times. You may know something about the legal system, but since we only have your word on that, how do we know you’re not lying? One thing is sure, though: you know next to nothing about the psychology of trauma. Traumatic memory is not stored in the same part of the brain as normal episodic memory. It is hardwired into the amygdala. Normal episodic memory is edited and re-edited every time we access it. Not so with traumatic memory. I would refer you to the book “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel Ban der Kolk, one of the world’s leading trauma therapists. You should refrain from talking about subjects which you obviously know nothing about. And here’s a heads up: it is the far right that is undermining our legal system, not people who are trying to serve justice by testifying against Republicans and alleged sexual assualters.

Warren Jines