Emmer a professional in every sense

Dear Editor:

I am writing in ardent support of Maurice Emmer’s mayoral candidacy in Aspen. Maurice and I were colleagues and partners in an international professional-services firm for 12 years. During that time, I was privileged to work under Maurice’s global development and leadership of a key area of our firm’s practice. I observed Maurice working with others at all levels — internal and client — and from many cultures and geographies, always in a collaborative and respectful way.

He has a natural talent for facilitating discussions and reaching resolutions on complex matters involving diverse stakeholders in a way that feels comfortable and inclusive. Beyond bringing out the best in others, he constantly brought solutions of his own, being creative to a degree that I have rarely experienced in my professional career. Any project that he touched was always the better for having him involved.

These qualities were recognized when Maurice was recruited to our firm after a long and distinguished career elsewhere. I was a little skeptical that someone as prominent in his field coming from another culture would be able or willing to adapt to a new environment and role, but Maurice did this with ease and distinction and then took the practice to a whole new level. I believe that was because he was passionate and committed to what he was doing, with a keen interest in the views of others combined with a zero-tolerance policy on politics getting in the way. He is always interested in what others have to say and truly listens — whether it’s a CEO of a Fortune 100 company or my teenage sons. He is able to join any group, quickly finding the ways in which his particular abilities can contribute to the goal at hand.

Maurice was my mentor for many years. I valued and took his guidance because it was always insightful, objective and completely honest. To this day, in tough situations I will still ask myself, “What would Maurice do?” I miss that day-to-day working relationship, but I am glad that what endures is a wonderful friendship with Maurice and with our families, as well.

His passion for all things Aspen is clear and contagious as my family looks forward to coming out to your wonderful town again this summer. I know that that passion combined with Maurice’s thoughtfulness, creativity, honesty and team spirit can only result in great things for Aspen.

Aspen has a unique opportunity to elect Maurice as its mayor, and I would strongly recommend that you do just that.

Yvonne Metcalfe

New York City