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Embracing the free exchange of ideas, opinions

Thank you for printing my letter. I would like to clarify that the title, “Beaton satire over liberals’ sensitive heads,” was drafted by your editorial staff, and not by me.

Mr. Beaton has likely offended many of his conservative readers, as well. I was seeking to address the current environment, where people of all walks of life and political ideologies are choosing to immerse themselves in carefully curated news and information that is designed to merely confirm their pre-existing ideas and biases, as opposed to exposing them to new, and perhaps challenging and uncomfortable, points of view.

This problem is not limited to “liberals”; it is also prevalent amongst “conservatives,” as well. The fact that is has taken hold in our institutions of higher learning is particularly disturbing. As the parent of college-aged children, I want my children, as well as their professors and classmates, to be active participants in the free marketplace of ideas, and not face censorship because their opinions make others “uncomfortable.”

Denise Shea Malcolm