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Elk study is pointless

After reading your article in the Friday Aspen Times (“Big study planned on one of the major elk herds in Aspen area”), I have come to the conclusion that we need a very important study on how to keep Pitkin County open space head Gary Tennenbaum and his sidekick Perry Will of Colorado Parks and Wildlife from wasting any more of Pitkin County residents’ money with yet another useless study that impales the wilderness with helicopters.

The Avalanche Elk Herd and the Independence Elk Herd are not even the same herd. Anyone who travels the high country in summer knows that. Of course, if you sit behind your desk and decide your income is short this year, just create a new job with another study. And then while you are at it, throw some cash to your favorite local helicopter service to complete your boondoggle. What you two really need is a new pair of Danner hiking boots and learn the flow of the elk the way I did.

James A. Wingers