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Elect Mitsch Bush to Congress

This year’s race for Colorado’s District 3 House of Representatives provides a study in contrasts: an empty and planless call for “freedom” from Lauren Boebert, or a concise and effective set of plans from Diane Mitsch Bush that will actually provide us with the freedoms expressed in our country’s long history of democracy.

Boebert’s website and campaign rhetoric have focused on maintaining an adversarial role to ensure that we are all free to live our lives without the interference of pesky governmental rules and regulations. Mitsch Bush’s website lists what she will actually support in a bipartisan manner to ensure that our government works for us.

We are faced with a choice between using a big hammer to smash our support systems in the name of freedom or electing someone who will work to address issues that affect our long-term freedoms through focusing on our health, economy, and climate.

Consider these vast differences between candidates when you vote.

A candidate who takes an “us against them” stance or one who is strongly bipartisan? Someone whose campaign states what she is against while ignoring what she will actually do, or the candidate with plans for each facet of her well-reasoned platform.

The choice is clear. Please cast your vote for Diane Mitsch Bush. She will represent us all.

Susy Ellison