Elect Mitsch Bush to Congress

I am writing to support Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress. Diane is just what we need in this time as a divided nation. In her role serving in the Colorado State House, Diane reached across party lines and worked tirelessly to advocate for and listen to her constituents’ concerns.

Diane supports allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, implementing paid sick leave, and will fight to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Lauren Boebert supports policies that would keep health care and prescription drug prices high. She thinks the rules don’t apply to her — she defied health department orders put in place to keep people safe during the pandemic, and is against requiring vaccinations for deadly viruses like measles and meningitis, even during the largest public health crisis of our time.

Most importantly, Diane clearly has the experience that her opponent Lauren Boebert does not. Diane shows the maturity and level-headedness to govern in these highly charged and divisive times.

Sheri Gaynor