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Efficient, affordable housing for all

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” sounds great, but try finding affordable decent housing with a low income. Clearly, the free market is not working for most people.

Four big factors combine to create this new situation:

1. Developers, and I get this, want to maximize profits. This means big homes and smaller ones with lots of added goodies.

2. Building codes/zones. Too high a percentage of available housing is single-family homes and townhouses. Everybody I know will never enter this market.

3. Your decisions. Acceptance of the status quo isn’t enough now. If you don’t require them to use electric heat pumps to heat their buildings and cold water and install only magnetic induction stoves, you are deficient in providing “duty of care” to future residents.

4. Bad NIMBYism — best explained by the story of the three mice who make it through the maze first and then figure out if they block the alley they can eat all the cheese. They don’t have to share.

Do not ask them for what you want, tell them. Deny the current proposal. Renting sucks. Commuting from Rifle sucks. I like big buildings near bus stops.

Tom Mooney


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