Effective leadership lacks in Aspen during pandemic

We were waiting to send this letter until after learning the Pitkin County Board of Health’s decision concerning requirements for face masks. It seems Aspen is going nowhere, as the law enforcement is quibbling over whose job it is to enforce a mask law.

Let me just start by saying that we love our community and we would love to be healthy and fortunate enough to continue living here for many more years! This being said, Aspen has become unbelievably unsafe and overcrowded with people who seem to have no respect for others.

As recently stated in another Aspen Times article, “The aerosol particles can linger in the air for minutes or hours and be passed through air conditioning ventilation to infect people more than 6 feet away from an initial cough, sneeze or exhalation There’s also evidence that asymptomatic people produce more virus aerosols than those with symptoms.”

We enjoy the hiking trails, but they have become more popular and crowded — this is where the absence of masks is most egregious. We can easily avoid town by not going there, therefore protecting ourselves; however, we are not safe to enjoy our favorite hiking trails because others can’t be bothered to show respect by wearing a mask.

When are the parameters for mask offenders going to be enforced? Nothing will change until offenders are educated that they must wear a mask at all times while in public, and not to do so is a ticketable offense. Having one’s mask in their backpack, purse, or hanging around their chin, will not deter this ugly virus.

We desperately need our local elected officials to lead; to do their jobs in the absence of a national plan. Please consider the consequences of your inaction, before our hospital is over-run with cases and businesses are ordered to shut down again.

Barbara and Bruce Berger