Educate yourself on wildfires, wildlife |

Educate yourself on wildfires, wildlife

It’s been a wonderful winter season for the entire valley! Now that the snow is beginning to leave and the temperatures are rising, attention will quickly focus on what will be the effects of last summer’s fire. Thankfully, the thousands of local valley land managers and wildlife experts will present to the various government agencies their solutions as to how best remediation should be addressed and our tax dollars spent.

To the few of us uninformed and lacking that particular knowledge, experience, talent and skill, consider reading an article in Wyoming Wildlife, June 2018, entitled “Wildfires and Wildlife” by Lisa Ballard. It’s an excellent summary of that state’s long history of studies relating to wild fire, wildlife and habitat.

You may not become a celebrated land manager or wildlife expert but who knows? You’ll at least better understand what happens and what to expect after a such an event.

Richard Sierzant