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Easy way to help climate change

What can I do about the climate crisis, beyond changes in my personal practices? By far, my most effective action is to ensure that electric utilities shift rapidly and cost-effectively to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Too ambitious for one person? Not in the case of Holy Cross Energy. All I need do is vote for Kristen Bertuglia and Adam Palmer when ballots soon arrive in the mail.

Both are incumbents who, with the support of other creative Holy Cross board members, have already achieved huge progress, which could be reversed if they loose.

Just one point of progress: 39 percent renewable energy portfolio in 2017 without raising rates. Better, to accelerate progress, they hired a CEO who is a nationally known leader in shifting the utility business model toward climate-friendly policies.

I’m going to vote for Palmer and Bertuglia. For me, an easy and effective way to get it done.

Michael Kinslse

Old Snowmass