Earth to Gardner |

Earth to Gardner

Sen. Cory Gardner, what do you stand for?

I have been emailing you recently because your staff who answer the phone waste my time telling me about all the town hall meetings you have held around the state, neglecting to mention they are by elite invitation only. Nobody likes to be criticized, do they?

I emailed you that I support funding for Planned Parenthood. They provide important services. It’s not for abortions but for the 90 percent of the work they do, which is for women’s health. After all, you accepted choice when you were running for the Senate in order to get elected. I thought maybe you cared about women’s health.

Your reply stated you will never vote to support Planned Parenthood. And your last sentence said, “Rest assured, I will keep your thoughts in mind should the legislation come to the Senate floor for a vote.”

What does that mean to you? In what way will you consider my opinion when you are not up for re-election. Have you ever considered the fact that if we outlaw choice for women we have an obligation to provide for the child-rearing cost of food, health care and education for those children? Or do you just want to be sure they are brought into the world and forgotten?

How can you say you care about our environment and support Scott Pruitt and his bad ideas?

How can you say you care about education and support Betsy DeVos? Was it just her significant contribution to you? Or are you in favor of teaching religion in the public schools?

You are such a disappointment. There are good and bad ideas in both parties. But you have turned out to be a straight party man following Donald Trump.

When will you stand up and consider what is best for all of us?

Cari Shurman


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