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EagleCo can better prioritize vaccinations

Like many old geezers (I am 75) in Eagle County (Basalt and other unincorporated areas), I had some hope of getting a vaccine inoculation this week and tried to sign up through the county’s ridiculous process Monday. I tried to call at exactly 8 a.m. and went on the website at exactly 8 a.m., also. The “slots” were filled by 8:04 a.m., according a news report.

I have a suggestion to Eagle County Health. Give the vaccine to the oldest of the seniors first. The current group of seniors is anyone over 70. This is too large a group for the number of vaccines available. Use a lottery system after you determine how many are over 90 and then move to those over 85. It is very frustrating to think that there is vaccine and then there is not enough available.

I ask God daily to show me the way of patience, tolerance , kindliness and love. Finally, thanks to all the health care workers.

Edward Tiernan