Eagle County should honor Tom Stone

My condolences and prayers to Henri and Tom’s kids. Former County Commissioner Tom Stone and I fought often over our different political leanings when we sat on the Eagle Board of the County Commission for six years together, but if it wasn’t for Tom, Miller Ranch, home to thousands over the years, would not have ever happened. Crown Mountain Park would not have been built and most of the improvements at the Fair Grounds. Places so many families love to spend time at.

I called a past commissioner, Peter Runyon, to ask if he would join me in asking the sitting Board of County Commissioners to discuss the possibility of naming Eagle River Station after Tom Stone, or encourage them to host a Memorial. He was not interested. I called Commissioner Kathy Chandler-Henry and left a similar message. I haven’t heard back yet. I hope something is done for Tom. I’m sure he would have appreciated it.

Most politicians don’t get things done, because they want to be liked. Tom Stone got a lot of things done. Rest In Peace, Tom.

Arn Menconi

Former Eagle County Commissioner