Eagle County needs to maintain Crown Mountain Park

I have been associated with Crown Mountain Park since the first shovelful of dirt was dug by the Solara pre-school kids. Both my children attended the event and dug in. The vision that the first board had for the park grew into a reality of open fields, baseball/softball diamonds, a playground, walking paths, baskeball courts and tennis courts

Since then they have added a dog park and track and cross country skiing. What a wonderful asset to our midvalley area that is used by everyone from Rifle to Aspen. Residents that pay taxes for Crown Mountain Park as well as non-residents who enjoy the park.

In order for Crown Mountain Park to serve us all, it is time for an increase in our taxes as well as implementing an increase in the fees that the groups pay to use Crown Mountain Park. This includes the lacrosse, soccer, Little League, BMX and USTA groups.

It also includes Eagle County making room in its budget to help maintain and care for Crown Mountain Park. Many of us live in the Eagle County area and it is time they start giving to the residents who live on this side of the canyon.

I stand with both Nate Grinzinger and Rebecca Wagner, as well as the Crown Mountain board in putting this to a vote. It is money well spent to contnue having such a gem as Crown Mountain Park.

Diana C. Cordova Elliott

Unincorporated Eagle County

Letter to the Editor