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E-bikers need to learn the rules of the road

As a longtime road cyclist here in the Roaring Fork Valley (30 years full time, 14 years part time) I’ve been watching the growth of e-bikes on our roadways over the past few years, particularly on Maroon Creek Road.

At first I wasn’t sure, but now I fully support e-bikes as they allow a whole new group of people to enjoy this beautiful area who might not otherwise ride a road bike up to the Bells. That said, I would like to make a request of these newer riders. Please pay attention to the rules of the road. Everyone’s safety is at stake. While Maroon Creek Road is not open to cars in the summer, there are still a few cars plus the regular buses that run all day, not to mention the large number of cyclists using the road. On Friday Aug. 21, I was descending the Bells and encountered several e-bikers ahead of me and they were spread out all over the right lane. I’m an experienced 72-year-old rider, not a reckless speed demon, but I had to slow way down to negotiate the obstacles these riders created. Then, as I was passing T Lazy 7, there was another large group of e-bikers on their way up. They took up the entire road, both lanes from shoulder to shoulder creating a very serious hazard for all involved. As I slowed and headed directly at them in my lane, they stared at me as if I didn’t belong there, causing me to weave through them like a slalom course. Please understand that this isn’t Disneyland — this is an open road and you are responsible for your actions as they affect everyone else on the road. Please enjoy this beautiful place and ride responsibly.

Jeff Kobacker

Aspen and Scottsdale, Arizona