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E-bike editorial falls flat

As much as I agree with some off the points made in this article, I think putting all this on the e-bike renters and e-bikes users seems a bit harsh. (“E-bike users and renters need to step up their game,” July 29, editorial, The Aspen Times)

What about the county and US Forest Service marking roads and having some sort of bike lane into Maroon Bells as well as into Castle Creek, which are very busy and popular roads for all type of bikes.

Whenever I have driven up those roads, by car or bike, I have seen just as many non e-bikers riding all over the road and not riding single file, as e-bikes. Also seen plenty of cars passing bikes super close! These roads are no highways!

I mean, how is it up to renters to educate people how to ride a bike! Most places in the world, that’s either common sense or kids actually get taught in school, so they have that skill for life! If there are issues, it’s up to the local or state governments or police to educate people.

Seem once again the local media and Pitkin County are having a go at some tourists that the rich don’t like! I know it can be annoying when you driving your $120,000 SUV to have lunch at the cookhouse and you have to watch for these bike riders!

Same as the total ban on ATVs; rather than find a solution that works for both, it just gets totally banned! Meanwhile you can drive your $120,000, V8 supercharged Jeep up the back to Ajax, but can’t use the ATV out the back of Express Creek!

The same goes for the ridicules e-bike restriction of mountain bike trrails! E-bikes are not motorized; they are electric motor assisted, and banning them on mountain bike trails discriminates against people that are not as fit as others, and has no legal grounds. By the way, I am not an e-bike rider, but I understand how hard it can be especially in altitude to ride bikes here.

Many things contribute to tourism, and being elitist and picky what you like or don’t in a mountain town like Aspen is just a joke!

I wish the media would see the bigger picture here sometimes, rather than support the views of the rich and powerful that run this town.

Klaus Klein


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