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Dry-cleaning madness

I have been baffled by the price for dry cleaning. Why aren’t prices posted in any of the establishments? Prices must be posted in eateries. Why are they able to slide? At random, when you pick up your items you can be charged whatever they think. I asked when I dropped off my dry cleaning how much they charge. She didn’t hesitate while I unloaded my blouses on the counter. She replied, “$4.95.” As she counted with me looking at my blouses, some silk and some not, she didn’t say a word. When I went back to retrieve my belongings, it was over $100. Every dry cleaner in this valley has never posted pricing. Why?

I went back with my still wrapped items and I tried to review the bill. She immediately took offense that I was challenging her. I said, “When I asked about how much things would cost you told me.” She started stomping around yelling at me, then went into the register and gave me a whopping $5.00 back. Really? $5.00? I asked her politely to calm down and handle this professionally. She didn’t. She told me to not come back. This is how do you treat customers? I also had a cotton dress that I was charged $45.00 to clean. What? I have had that dress cleaned before, I was never charged $45.00. I told her the prices were too expensive and she proceeded to tell me her rent is expensive, I said, “What does that have to do with posting your prices?” I also said, “Why are you getting mad? I’m the one that just paid $45.00 to dry clean a cotton dress?” Why wouldn’t a business owner handle this much differently? Such as saying, “You are right. We should have our prices posted, and next time we will give you x amount to spend on your dry cleaning.” But instead she was offended that I challenged her and told me not to come back. Where is the consistency of business practices in Aspen, Snowmass and Basalt? Is there anyone else outraged by this ridiculousness? Even the high-priced gas stations have to post pricing, so at least we know going in with eyes wide open. It’s time for pricing to be posted in the dry cleaners. Enough is enough!

Cynthia Harris