Drivers in Aspen just need to slow down in small town |

Drivers in Aspen just need to slow down in small town

Summer season is in full swing and one of the obvious and unfortunate traits of summer is the increase in vehicular traffic and drivers not recognizing that this is a small town with many cyclists, pedestrians and other forms of human mobility.

While this can be a problem in almost any city/town, we need drivers to remember they are no longer in the big city and you can quit trying to make up “lost” time between every stop sign and/or traffic signal.

Being behind the wheel of your car is not being in your office — put your cellphone down and don’t wait for the next stop light or stop sign to check it, wait until you have arrived to wherever you are going. No single text is going to change your life one way or another if you have to wait five minutes before responding to it, but depending upon your decision you could change someone else’s life for the worse.

Stop signs work the same way no matter what part of the country you come from — please, respect our stop signs the same way you hopefully do at home. Rolling stops don’t qualify as being stopped. Aspen probably has more cyclists in a small concentrated area than most people are used to — including locals — please respect that people are out and about. This is why we are all here!

Enjoy Aspen and help everyone else enjoy it. Leave the big city habits behind and stop when directed to stop. Once stopped then take advantage of smelling the mountain air and remind yourself of why you are here. We can all enjoy more if we all just slow down.

John Bucksbaum


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