Drain the Aspen swamp

It is time to pull the plug on Aspen’s political swamp. We have the City Council allowing huge buildings in the core and entertaining a giant development at Lift One that wants to change the zoning so they can maximize profit.

And now we have the Aspen city community relations director on the front page of The Aspen Times pushing her political views (“Aspen city spokeswoman gets political, takes on Sen. Cory Gardner,” Feb. 20).

Whether on her own time or not, this is not the way our city employees should be sharing their political leanings while being identified as a public figure. It is time to get rid of the bunch of biased city government employees — from parking to mayor. It is time to “drain the swamp.” Just why do we need a director of community relations anyway? It sounds like a “pork barrel” job to me.

Jim Wingers