Doyle’s politics reflect small-town Aspen

I’m proud to say I’ve known John Doyle since our carefree ski bum days in the ’80s. Like many ski bums, John moved here and never left primarily due to his love of skiing and the mountains. Also, like many of us, he fell deeply in love with the community and most everything else about Aspen over time.

He continues to appreciate and tries to support our community as well as our resort. John realizes our economy depends on a healthy environment and community. Over-development damages the environment, killing our goose that lays the golden eggs.

Over-development harms locals and visitors on many levels. We’ve become out of balance in recent years with economy taking over as our priority. That not only harms the environment but creates a worsening housing crisis and a growing traffic and pollution problem. Aspen is becoming urbanized, growing from a town to a city. John has acknowledged this and wants to address it.

I reconnected with John regarding the proposed Lift 1A development — the largest project we’d seen in decades. We were passionate and vocal in our opposition primarily based on a massive over-sized 300,000-square-foot-plus luxury hotel/fractional project in a conservation-zoned area, a severe lack of affordable housing, a $4 million-plus taxpayer subsidy and compromised park spaces.

Our concerns related to the goals and values outlined in the Aspen Area Community Plan, which John has read, understands and respects. The AACP has been largely pushed aside in the rush to prioritize economy. John wants to bring the AACP back to the forefront of discussions relating to our values like caring for the environment and creating affordable housing, while supporting work/business opportunities.

In brief, this is why I’m voting for John Doyle. Will you consider John’s 40-year love of Aspen; substantial work experience and knowledge; deep passion for skiing; unselfish caring for community and fearless activism; and standing up for our community values when it comes time to vote? Thanks!

Erik Skarvan