Doyle and Hauenstein have the pedigrees for council |

Doyle and Hauenstein have the pedigrees for council

Aspen has always been a desirable yet difficult place to live. The “I love you, you’re perfect, now change’” dynamic isn’t new, but the magnitude of big money and development pressure Aspen now faces is unparalleled.

Who to vote for all depends on whether you view Aspen as a commodity or a community. Cycles of disruption, growth, change and renewal are inevitable; what matters is how they are managed for future outcomes. For some, buzzwords like “activation” and “maximum density” take prominence over quality of life, livability and community character.

When casting your vote, simply ask: Should we further fuel the engine of growth, accelerate the rate of change, discard the goals of our community plan (that has served us so well that everyone wants a piece of Aspen) to embrace the bigger, glitzier, activated vision of Aspen that tries to out-Vail Vail?

This isn’t the time for naive or single-issue candidates, or those funded by the development community, regardless of their good intent.

Aspen needs council members who understand the reasons behind our community’s great success and will build upon those, while being willing to work through tough issues to find compromises that consider all our community needs, from public health and housing to the economy and the environment. I encourage you to vote for council members who see Aspen as a community first, can say “no” when needed and are grounded in a sense of service to others and a sustainable future.

I’m voting for Ward Hauenstein and John Doyle.

Rachael Richards

Councilwoman, Aspen

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