Down on Food & Wine |

Down on Food & Wine

Friday evening, while trying to navigate heavier than usual car traffic, an ambulance, sirens going, was attempting to make its way east on Main Street. I was struck by the nonchalance of a gleeful couple on a moped sailing through an intersection, the lady on the back smiling with her hands in the air as if they were somewhere on the coast of Italy. To my shock and dismay, some sort of shiny new 4×4 crossed the very same intersection right behind them, passengers bearing very similar grins.

The ambulance driver had to come to a full stop before turning right into town. I’ve been in Aspen over 25 years and am grateful for the benefits that large events bring. Aspen Food & Wine, however, has become one of gross consumption. It leaves a trail of jet fuel, food waste, trash and an unfortunate amount of over-the-limit drivers on our roads. Perhaps a smaller event would be an answer or simply ignore it and accept that this is what Aspen has become.

Lee Webb

Snowmass Village