Don’t throw in the towel in climate change fight |

Don’t throw in the towel in climate change fight

Mr. Maurice Emmer (“It God’s turn now,” July 24, The Aspen Times) sounds almost desperate in his call to abandon our “fruitless” attempts at combating climate change and to focus instead on “beseeching God” to save the planet. The situation, I would argue, is not quite so dire. It should be possible, it seems to me, to trust in “a divinity that shapes our ends” while still retaining a modicum of faith in human ingenuity required to mitigate, if not wholly offset, the effects of climate change.

Mr. Emmer is, of course, quite right in citing “overwhelming forces” that sharply limit human ingenuity. All the same, one’s hope in our ability to counteract those forces seems neither vain nor otiose.

I would, therefore, urge Mr. Emmer to be more sanguine in the face of the present crisis. Here, I am reminded of the hard common sense encapsulated in the popular refrain during the second world war, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

Donald Wilson

St. Louis