Don’t send Boebert to Washington |

Don’t send Boebert to Washington

Unfortunately Congress is still a good old boys (and girls) club. Those newly elected to Congress are judged by on attributes such as an ability to work with each other, honesty, experience, education, integrity, shared ideas, party affiliation, etc. Those who pass the muster get the appointments to the most constituent important committees. Those with the in-power party affiliation stand in line for the important committee chair positions.

It appears that if elected Lauren Boebert does not fit the role of what the “club” expects. She seemed to be uncompromising, poorly educated, believes in QAnon, militias and inexperienced. She has legal and tax issues, has been arrested, thumbs her nose at pandemic protocols, anti-virus shots, environment and science, has no real specific policy, speaks in long platitudes and generalities, is not in the party that controls the House and does not communicate well with the press.

It appears to me that these attributes does not bode well if you expect her as your House representative to be of assistance to us, her constituents. We are afraid that sending her to Congress will only contribute to more partisan gridlock.

Beatrix Elting and George Johnson