Don’t rush to condemn Aspen Skiing Co. |

Don’t rush to condemn Aspen Skiing Co.

It was painfully revealing to read the comments following Rick Carroll’s July 31 article on possible changes to season passes for locals (“Aspen locals could be in for a season-pass curve ball this winter,” July 31, The Aspen Times).

How quickly people jump to conclusions with no official decision or information on what those changes are or will be. Also the irony of entitlement of those who would complain that in these uncertain times, paying less for a chamber pass should still entitle one to a superior product, while the business offering the discount should simply carry on. Certainly if one would like the privilege of unlimited use, one could pay full price for an unlimited pass.

To be clear, I am in no way supportive of limiting access to locals who rely on the chamber discount to get their days on the hill, as I too intend to get the chamber pass. I fully understand the need to get out there and enjoy the sport we love, get away from the grind. The mental health benefit to local workers can not be understated. However, I am unwilling to condemn Aspen Skiing Co. over a policy that has yet to be created.

And to those complaining about how Skico doesn’t respect or care about locals, how quickly you forget that most of Skico is locals, that they kept grooming and maintaining the slopes for locals uphilling for months after closing the lifts, that they continued supporting their employees housing long after closing, that they gave away literal tons of free food to locals in need after closing.

By all means, let your opinions and voices be heard by those who will be making these business decisions. But respect that these are decisions that have to be made, and haven’t been yet.

Todd Wilson