Don’t hate on bikers

To the driver of the grey van that HAD to blare your horn at me while I was just trying get to work by bike..what is the problem?? I was following the rules of the road, because I know who’s going to die in a bike vs car accident. There was absolutely no reason for you to attempt to give me a heart attack right there at the intercept intersection! I’m old lady, give me a break!! (Ok, not OLD, old, but no spring chicken). I only ride on 82 till the airport, then I get on the path. I would ride the path all the way to town from AV but it’s not paved all the way to town and I don’t ride well on dirt. I ride as far over, out of traffic, as the debris allows. I’m really sorry my commuting by bike is a problem for you. It’s how I save money on gas and miles on my car. It’s also the only exercise I get before sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Unless my wheel is on fire and somehow I don’t notice it, please do NOT honk at me, it’s rude and unnecessary. On a much happier note, since I already have your attention. I’d like to congratulate my son Travis, he just graduated from the Daniels School of Business at the University of Denver!! YAY Travis, well done! If anyone needs a really smart finance grad, I know a good one that’s looking for a job.

Gail Mason


Letter to the Editor