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“Don’t Drone Me Dude”

This is an homage to the great sci-fi writers of my youth like Issac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, Aurthur C. Clark, and the rest of the voices of reason concerning the fast pace of technology and the consequences thereof.

“Don’t Drone Me Dude”

Drones, drones

They’re everywhere

On the street and in the air

Don’t you know

They can be found

In the sea and underground

They might buzz

around your house

Or be as quiet as a mouse

Drones can fly

And they can walk

Pretty soon they’ll start to talk

Man I wish

I had me one

To help me get my working done

It could complete

the things I lack

So I can rest my aching back

I would just sit

The whole day through

Telling it just what to do

For a time

Life would be serene

Until the drone got smart and mean

Then it would tell me

I am through

Now the drone is you

Prentice Billings