Don’t be hoodwinked by Lift One campaign

Aspen is very special to me. However, I am both distressed and outraged at the campaign being waged for the “Vote ‘yes’ for the Lift One corridor.”

The message the developers put forth implies that a “yes” vote would be for a new lift, while vaguely mentioning the other issues bundled with that vote.

They don’t tell you of a massive structure, aka Gorsuch House, built smack in the center of our pristine ski slope.

They don’t mention the cost to the residents of Aspen if this is approved; $4.3 million outright and closer to $14 million including optional concessions to the developers.

They publish a nostalgic photo of the original Lift One suggesting that this would bring back the “good old days” of skiing and camaraderie. But it would, in fact, be a massive construction site for years.

They dare not mention that a huge chunk of land now zoned “conservation” would be re-zoned “lodge” and surrendered to development.

Come on! This is Aspen. Not Vail.

I just hope the voters of Aspen aren’t hoodwinked into voting for this without understanding the consequences. Please look beyond this outrageous, misleading media campaign and vote “no” on the Lift One corridor proposition.

Enna Kutz