Don’t ban our short-term rental businesses before hearing from us |

Don’t ban our short-term rental businesses before hearing from us

Wednesday, the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners will consider an ordinance that would ban short-term rentals. As someone who has rented homes to vacationers in and around Aspen for more than three decades, I am concerned that the county is moving too quickly to impose severe restrictions that would devastate our local economy — without input from the community. As of today, there have been no public hearings on this issue.

A ban on short-term rentals would eliminate my business and jobs across Pitkin County that depend on a thriving tourism economy. In addition to the eight full- and part-time staff who I employ to help manage and maintain properties, our vacation rental guests patronize local businesses and restaurants, providing vital income for local families. Eliminating popular, family-friendly lodging options is the worst thing we could do to our county and its tourism-based economy.

At a time when Aspen’s businesses are finally recovering, we need reasonable and responsible short-term rental regulations that balance the needs of all stakeholders. I strongly encourage the Pitkin Board of County Commissioners to take a step back and listen to local property owners and managers like myself. It’s time our voice is heard.

Tracy Sutton


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