Don’t amend land-use code on Redstone Castle owners’ behalf |

Don’t amend land-use code on Redstone Castle owners’ behalf

Don’t amend land-use code on castle owners’ behalf

As a permanent resident of Pitkin County and homeowner in Crystal River Park, I am opposed to the Redstone 2016 LLC (Redstone Castle) application for a land-use code amendment in order for them to be allowed to apply for a special-event venue permit.

I do not believe that Pitkin County codes, statutes, etc. should be changed for one person’s gain especially when the owner of the entity applying is not even a resident of Pitkin County and especially because that owner is in a hurry, as stated many times by Mr. Carver and Mr. Horn over the past months.

I believe successful businesses start with a master plan. Savvy business owners rarely make a large investment, such as purchasing a business, without a plan of return for their investment. I have attended numerous meetings in which Mr. Carver or his representative, Glenn Horn, have presented plans for the castle, each presentation offering different or conflicting plans from the previous meeting. Granted, there are many changes during the development process; these changes are made to a master plan.

Successful businesses are built from a master plan, perhaps incrementally, and most often tweaked as time passes, but master plans are not formed incrementally following a large investment.

We all desire the Carvers’ venture with the Redstone Castle to be successful. Let’s all help them do that by requiring a master plan and a zoning change to village lodge preservation per the Redstone Master Plan rather than a land-use code amendment. Let’s make this a win-win situation for all of Redstone.

Tamara Shirk